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Dating Violence in Adolescence Leads to Lower Earnings

By Samuel Phineas Upham

It is almost a given that dating violence in adolescence leads to emotional problems later on in life. But a new study suggests that it also affects their education and how much they get paid down the road. Sociology Times reports that a recent study conducted by a Michigan State University researcher reveals that dating violence in adolescence leads to “less education and lower earnings later in life.”

According to the article, a young woman’s abusive partner might disrupt her education by causing injuries that stop her from going to school or destroying her school supplies or homework. In addition to preventing her from continuing her education, the trauma from the abuse also leads to earning less in life.

Adrienne Adams, lead researcher on the study and MSU assistant professor of psychology, told the paper: “”There’s vast evidence showing how important education is for people’s quality of life.” She added, “Providing educational and career-development support for women who are abused seems like an obvious choice in terms of societal investment.”

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